Consumer Discretionary GPS Spoofing In Pokemon GO Will no Longer Work on Android

GPS Spoofing In Pokemon GO Will no Longer Work on Android

Published By News Desk at April 21, 2017 09:02 am Those pesky spoofers should start dropping in numbers from now on

One of the main gripes many regular Pokémon GO players have with the game is the huge amount of locations spoofers. Spoofing is the process by which cheaters use illegitimate software and tools to move around in Pokémon Go without moving at all. Due to this, the players who actually go out and walk to play the game are left at a huge disadvantage.

The spoofers can instantly visit a gym by using a mock location and capture it back for their team while the legitimate player would have to visit the gym location for a chance to do the same. If spoofing were limited to capturing Pokémon only, it wouldn’t have been much of an issue. But since it’s undermining the competitive aspect of the game, legitimate players are obviously enraged.

Fortunately, Google is stepping in with a new update which will make location spoofing incredibly harder for potential cheaters. With the new Android security update which is rolling out to various phones, Google removed the straightforward option to spoof location which should deter a lot of cheaters.

In most cases, when the person will try to spoof their location with the previous config, he/she should get the message "Failed to detect location" in the application. The update is rolling out to various devices with different Android firmware since it is a security update.

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