Gaming Pokemon GO Still Faces Problems of Hacking, Spoofing

Pokemon GO Still Faces Problems of Hacking, Spoofing

Published By News Desk at April 21, 2017 11:56 am Despite a new update in the right direction, some key issues still persist

With the new Pokemon Update, Niantic aimed to block hackers and spoofers from the game. However, the update was partly successful in weeding out the cheaters. Soon after, we are sure that cheaters will come up with new ways to circumvent the anti-cheat measures.

Niantic has been playing this game of cat-and-mouse with the hacker community for a while now. There are numerous users in the game which spoof their location and play the game without moving a muscle. Due to this, the legitimate players are left at a huge disadvantage. Niantic has been attempting to stop spoofers on Android and iOS continuously, but many cheaters come from the PC.

One of the most damaging groups to the game is PokeBot.Ninja. The bot can work on both OS X and Windows, and after the initial setup, the bot will automatically keep playing the game for you. You just need to sit back and see the level of your player rise and the Pokedex fill up.

The way that spoofers can use a mock location is by using the API. Even though Niantic hasn’t made the API for Pokémon GO public yet, there is a dedicated team of coders under the banner, PokeGoDev, which works to crack the API each time that Niantic makes changes. The developer randomly and frequently makes changes, but the coders are there to crack new iteration.

With the popularity of the game seriously dwindling after the first few months, Niantic has been attempting to keep the game buzzing through special events and new updates. However, if Niantic doesn’t address these issues as soon as possible, the legitimate players will start to reduce.