Gaming Niantic Cracks Down on Two More Pokemon GO Trackers

Niantic Cracks Down on Two More Pokemon GO Trackers

Published By News Desk at April 27, 2017 09:03 am After cracking down on spoofers, Niantic is now eying different Pokemon GO trackers

Niantic has just redoubled its efforts to set Pokémon GO free from spoofers and cheaters. After the crackdown against spoofers last week, the company is now turning its attention to Pokémon GO trackers. Today, two major Pokémon GO trackers, Pokesearch and Pokesensor, announced that they would terminate their services. This move is in response to a cease sent to both trackers by the Pokémon Company.

The crackdown has been going on for a while now, and the termination of these two major trackers marks a huge blow to the Pokémon tracking community. Pokesearch and Pokesensor were part of the few remaining trackers. To locate Pokémon, the websites used auto-generated Pokémon Trainer’s Club (PTC) to access the servers, and the information fetched about the location was forwarded to the users.

As per terms and conditions, this sort of behavior is deemed the improper use of the accounts, due to which the offenders are liable to take legal actions. As a result of the cease, both trackers have discontinued their services indefinitely. The word is that several other trackers have been sent these letters as well, but it’s not clear how many of them will continue operations.

To limit the offense done by bot accounts, Niantic has lowered the “daily limit” for catching Pokémon from 1000 to 500. Similarly, the Pokestop Spins limit has also been reduced to 1000 from 2000. Not many legitimate players can reach anywhere close to these numbers, so it’s believed that the changes were made to slow down bot accounts which are active at all times.