Consumer Discretionary Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA): Has a New Promotional Video for its Tesla Model 3

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA): Has a New Promotional Video for its Tesla Model 3

Published By News Desk at January 26, 2017 11:41 am The promotional video can be seen at a Tesla store in Belgium

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model 3 created a lot of buzz in the industry when the company unveiled its low-cost electric car last year. Since then the car maker has been ramping up its production effort to ensure timely delivery of the cars. However, during all this time we have seen little marketing efforts from the company regarding its Model 3.

But now Tesla has finally started to market its Model 3 according to a report by Electrek. The Palo Alto Company has now come up with a new promotional video of the car which was seen at a Tesla store in Belgium. The video shows the car driving through the roads which gives people yet another glimpse of the Model 3.

Tesla Motors has so far refrained from giving much information regarding the Model 3 as it prefers to keep it a secret. Before the recent promotional video that has emerged, the electric car maker has only released two other promo videos at the time of unveiling. Apart from that, the company had only allowed Motor Trend to have a photoshoot of Model 3 at its Gigafactory.

Unlike its competitor Faraday Future, Tesla has kept the unveiling of its Model 3 private. Faraday, on the other hand, had to undertake a lot of marketing activities before it launched its first electric car FF91. The company released teasers and put a countdown on its website apart from drag racing Tesla, Ferrari, and Bentley.

The main idea for Tesla keeping away from all the marketing and promotional activities was the massive response that the company got for the car. More than 400,000 reservations were racked up during the first few months only with the company trying to convince people to get a Model S instead of a Model 3 as they will be able to get the former car earlier.

Tesla is all set to start off its "Part 3 of the Model 3 unveiling" after Musk revealed at a shareholder meeting that they will be holding an unveiling ceremony of Model 3. The company is all ready to start off its high volume production of its Model 3 with the battery cell manufacturing giving a big boost to the company earlier.

You can view the promotional video here.