Consumer Discretionary Tesla Inc (TSLA) Blue Model 3 Is Spotted, Along with Model S

Tesla Inc (TSLA) Blue Model 3 Is Spotted, Along with Model S

Published By News Desk at May 19, 2017 09:46 am Model 3 was coming out of Tesla's headquarters, while Model S was going in

Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) announced its Model 3 last year. Since then, whatever updates about the vehicle are released, it has been linked with Model S. That is because both the vehicles are the sedan, and people consider Model 3 to be the next variant of Model S or the next-gen car for Tesla that Elon Musk has been talking about.

Comparison with Model S has been done, but the car company refuted all such claims, saying that Model 3 is a smaller and affordable version of Model S, which is still the flagship product of the carmaker. Now new images of Model 3 blue prototype have surfaced, showing that the car can be seen getting out of Tesla’s office, while a Model S enters the office.

According to Electrek, both vehicles went past each other at the same time, while pictures were taken, which raised the questions about Model 3 and Model S. They were side by side. While looking at them, it looked as if Model 3 is a smaller version of Model S, shrinking with shorter hood.

The blue prototype that was getting out of Tesla’s office is the same one spotted previously and may have been heading to go for a test drive. The energy storage company has been testing its Model 3 at different production levels, to evaluate its performance. The low-cost sedan is often seen followed by cars, matching their performance.

Going past each other has added fuel to the fire that Model 3 is similar to Model S. Tesla has denied any such things, saying that Model 3 has few features as compared to the Model S, but currently, it is the silver Model 3 that has been winning a poll, in which people tell as to which color they want to buy for their cars.

You can view the pictures here.