Gaming Nintendo Switch May Not Be Pricey As You Think

Nintendo Switch May Not Be Pricey As You Think

Published By News Desk at January 9, 2017 11:58 am The console's full revelation is just a few days away

The upcoming Nintendo console, Nintendo Switch, would make its way to the market this year in March. The company has not yet revealed the console but would do so this Friday. The speculations on its price have started going round, and the Japanese newspaper Nikkei is not oblivious to it.

The paper has estimated the figure to be ¥25,000 of the Nintendo Switch when it launches in Japan. If you convert this amount to dollars, it will come out to be around $215, cheap for a console in this age. It should be noted here that Nikkei has been correct many times in the past when it came to speculations over Nintendo. It was right to guess the Nintendo Wii U’s launch price, as well as the specific features the Nintendo 3DS would have.

The Nintendo Switch was first revealed late last year, to show us a bit of its hardware. We got to see that the console will not be something that must be connected to a television for players to view, but it can also be made portable when people are on the move. This notion may be something huge and might attract players to this great device when it releases.

We still have not been given any details on what games will release for the console on the launch, and also whether we will get to see massive third-party applications on it or not. Although the Nintendo Switch’s reveal trailer did point out a significant number of companies which will work to bring amazing games to the console, we still cannot say as the companies have not informed anyone about anything.