Gaming Niantic Launches Surprise Event To Go Along With IV Changes

Niantic Launches Surprise Event To Go Along With IV Changes

Published By News Desk at April 29, 2017 09:08 am McDonald’s has partnered up with Niantic to provide a compelling event to Pokemon GO players

Right on the heels of the Eggstravaganza Easter event, Niantic has surprisingly launched another event. The only caveat is that it’s limited to Japan. This isn’t the first time this has happened; just a few months ago Niantic hosted the Lapras event in the Tohoku region of Japan.

This latest event is celebrating the Pokémon company’s Golden Week which is a celebration of the various holidays which occur through the week. For the event, Niantic has taken the assistance of one of its sponsors, McDonald's, as every outlet which is a Pokestop has automatically been lured.

That calculates to about 2500 of them across the country, all of which will be spawning rare Pokémon at a highly accelerated pace continuously until May 7.

Events like these are highly crucial for Niantic to keep players engaged with the game or else the active players will start to drop. The Eggstravaganza Easter event was a huge success, and collectively players hatched over a whopping 87 million eggs.

"During the period from April 29 (Sat) to May 7 (Sun), the petals will dance at "PokeStops" at about 2,500 domestic MacDonald’s, and the "Lure module celebration event" will be held, so that you can get a lot of Pokémon!" tweeted the Japan Pokémon GO account.

Along with the event, the company has also pushed out a small update to the trainer’s IVs. Previously, all the wild Pokémon encountered would present the same core stats for all players, but now they will be adjusted according to the player’s level. Also, now any Pokémon’s Combat Power, IV, and moves will be randomly generated for the players between level 1 and 29.