Gaming Bungie Is Sending Out Destiny 2 Package To Journalists Filled With Goodies

Bungie Is Sending Out Destiny 2 Package To Journalists Filled With Goodies

Published By News Desk at April 29, 2017 08:59 am It looks like Destiny 2 will be set in a considerably darker tone

With Destiny 2’s gameplay reveal event just around the corner, Bungie has now started another leg of its marketing process. The company has now started sending out a Destiny 2 package to various journalists with all sorts of goodies inside it such as the invitation to the gameplay event, a figurine, and some badges as well.

The first thing which presents itself upon opening the package is a card with the words “Welcome to a world without light” written on it. It’s being speculated that the statement refers to Cabal of the Red Legion, the force which attacked the Last City in the previous game. Cabal is likely to be the main antagonist of Destiny 2.

According to the invite, the gameplay reveals event will take place on May 18, at 9:15 in Hawthorne, California. All the invitees will be shown the look and feel of the new game and will also get a chance to learn about the new gameplay mechanics. In addition to these two, the package included a small pin which has been fashioned into the shape of a Ghost. The same friendly robot buddy from the first game who was voiced by Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage.

One of the most praised elements of the package is the small figurine of the game’s character Cayde-6. One of the most popular characters in the game, Cayde-6 operates as the Hunter Vanguard in the tower. The figurine is akin to the ones you can get when you pre-order games.

Destiny 2 is all set to be released on September 8 concurrently on PC, Xbox One, and the PS4.