Consumer Discretionary Tesla Motors Adding More Stalls to its Supercharger Stations

Tesla Motors Adding More Stalls to its Supercharger Stations

Published By News Desk at January 11, 2017 08:07 am Elon Musk has said that adding more stalls is now a key priority for the company

Tesla’s supercharging stations are currently a hot topic considering that owners who order their car after January 15 will not be able to get free lifetime supercharging facilities. According to a report by Electrek, the electric car maker is now installing more stalls at its supercharging stations in a bid to reduce the traffic congestion.

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk, in a tweet, said that the company is now working on increasing its stalls at supercharging stations. Musk was asked by a Tesla owner why some Superchargers have few stalls while some have more, and if there were any plans on increasing stalls at some locations, to which he replied that this is the top priority of the company right now.

Tesla has slowly and steadily increased the number of stalls that are available with the launch of superchargers. The company started off with 4-6 stalls in a supercharger in 2012, and this figure went up when the company started installing 6-8 stalls in a supercharger. The Palo Alto company last year opened a 20 stall supercharger station in Norway as well.

And now it looks as if Tesla wants to have the same number of stalls at each supercharger and thus it is working on adding more stalls. This could help curb the traffic congestion that people often witness on Supercharging stations as they will have more booths to charge their cars. It looks like Tesla is taking another approach to increase its charging capacity.

Previously the company had been eyeing an increase in its supercharging stations as a means to overcome charging congestion. Tesla currently has 4,800 supercharging stations all over the world and plans to double these numbers by the end of this year to meet charging demand once the Model 3 rolls out.

Elon Musk has recently teased Supercharger V3 that will have more than 350 kW power output. Tesla recently also started charging an idle fee from its owners who park their cars over there in a bid to reduce supercharger abuse. Owners are charged $0.40/min fee if owners fail to remove their vehicles once they are done charging.