Technology Here's What Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Had to Say About Destiny 2

Here's What Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Had to Say About Destiny 2

Published By News Desk at April 21, 2017 12:04 pm The time for guardians to unite again and fight across the galaxies is coming soon

Just a few days ago, Bungie finally unveiled the release date of Destiny 2, one of the most anticipated titles from the publisher. The game will be released on September 8 on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. We’ve also gotten word that a Destiny 2 live stream will take place in May and it will go into depth about the gameplay and all the new things which the game will entail.
Soon after the live stream, the beta program will be launched on all three platforms so that players can take the game for a whirl ahead of launch. Bungie community manager David Dague also revealed that the team is hard at work to ensure a steady release of the information to the fans.
"There is one month between now and the next drop of news about Destiny 2," he wrote.
"If that’s what you came here for, follow up and await future notifications. We’re working behind the scenes to put on a good show."
Xbox Chief Phil Spencer also revealed as to how excited he is about the new title. He noted that game like Destiny would increase the lifespan of games in general since you don’t put them down after completing the campaign. Instead, he noted that "from the service capability and monetization standpoint, we've got to go build tools so that they can continue to give content and services and other things to the customers."
"Seeing games like Destiny get born this generation makes a ton of sense."
Due to the nature of the gameplay, Destiny is a game which we can expect a player to play even five years from now. This model works out pretty well for both the companies and the consumers since the publisher is getting a steady stream of income and the player is getting continuous value out of the game.