, Inc.

1,052.80 +12.93(1.24%) Date: Jul 26, 7:59PM EDT, Inc., Inc. (AMZN): Expecting Solid 2Q17 Results

Cantor Fitzgerald expects another solid quarter, with 22.5% Y/Y revenue growth, Inc. (AMZN): 2Q Preview, Continued Share Gains

KeyBanc Capital Markets thinks it will continue to take market share and also benefit as total share accorded to e-commerce continues to grow Inc. (AMZN): The Everything Store Taking Share and Taking No Prisoners

Wedbush $1,250 price target assumes that Amazon will continue to control spending, yielding continued earnings growth

Stifel on, Inc. (AMZN) And Wal-Mart Stores Inc (WMT)

Shopping intentions at Walmart and Amazon are above historical levels, while Target shows year-over-year improvement

Facebook Inc (FB) Hits 2B MAUs &, (AMZN) / Nike Inc (NKE) partner

Internet stocks were down roughly inline with the overall market this week (-0.5%), but maintain a lead over the S&P 500 YTD (+16.2% vs. +8.1%, respectively)