Microsoft Corporation

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Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT): July Brings Another Sales Reorg and Headcount Reduction

Given Microsoft’s anticipated 3,000 employee RIF against a base of roughly 121K employees globally, this is a relatively small headcount reduction -- roughly 10% to sales and under 3% for the company overall

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) To Announce its Next Flagship Smartphone After Releasing its Windows 10 Update

Microsoft is gearing up for its long awaited comeback in the smartphone world

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Gets Reloaded to Rule Smartphone World with Its next Flagship Device

The tech company is determined to roll out a Surface-branded smartphone soon

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Mini: Pen-Enabled Tablet That Almost Made the Cut

The tech company was apparently lining up an 8-inch Surface tablet back in 2014

Microsoft (MSFT) Surface Book 2: Upcoming 2-In-1 Device Tipped to Arrive with a Major Redesign

The official release of the next Surface Book iteration is still yet to be confirmed by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)